Thursday, January 9, 2014

February Ladies: The Hair Factor

(From top left, clockwise: Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Georgia May Jagger) 

After scouring through the internet for couple of hours now, I found these four aesthetic pictures of leading ladies in the fashion (and movie) industry. W Magazine has done an incredible job depicting Amy Adam as a distressed damsel with naturally relaxed auburn hair reflecting the sun. Same goes for Scarlett Johansson's W Magazine shot and Georgia's February 2013 Vogue cover. Scarlett hair is tousled with that kind of "swoosh" movement that speaks "I am effortlessly hot". While Georgia pulls of this sultry relaxed look that has her hair looking texturized yet glowing delightfully. Jennifer Lawrence's newly-dubbed pixie cut illuminates sophistication with an inner rebellious edge. 
Throughout the shots, the ladies of February kept their makeup extremely minimal. Eyes were defined with brown and slightly bronzed eyeliner with a touch of mascara. While the lips speaks for itself. It holds a mysterious pose with its ever-slightly pink-tinted color. 
I am extremely excited to buy these two issues when it finally hits the shelves somewhere this week. 

(Pictures were taken from Vogue and W)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Catty Eyes

Perfecting cat eyes can be extremely arduous. To begin with, I was one of those girls that had a hard time drawing the wing-section of the cat eye. As soon as I got the hang of it, I wanted to experiment with different liquid eyeliners. One of my friends introduced me to Dolly Wink's black liquid eyeliner. My first impressions was unwelcoming. I have never heard of the brand before, so I was a little bit hesitant to purchase the product.
It was one of the best purchases I've had so far. The tip of the liquid eyeliner is smooth, fine, and effortless. The ink glides smoothly across my skin without any sudden halt. The pigment of the eyeliner is amazing, and with an eyeshadow primer, it is long-lasting all through the night. With such a fine tip, the ability to draw the wing-section of the cat eye becomes almost intrinsic. 
For readers that are in Jakarta, you can purchase Dolly Wink products at Sogo Department Stores. For international readers, Dolly Wink products are available at Ebay.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Review] Chanel Inmitable intense Mascara

Chanel Inmitable Intense Mascara is my all time favorite mascara hands down. It separates my lashes perfectly by each strand, holds my curl, and it gives the extra volume that I so need. What I love even more is that the mascara removes itself so effortlessly with a little help from eye-makeup remover.
My frugal side forbid me to buy another one of these because honestly, the cost is freaking expensive for a tube of mascara that is going to dry up anyways in six months. But if you're willing to drop $$$ for a worthy mascara, this is it folks.
As of now, I'm on a quest in search for a reasonably-priced mascara that is akin to this Chanel mascara. (Hint hint: more mascara posts coming up very soon, stay tune)


Friday, August 16, 2013

Red Lights

Because it's Friday and I'm not going out tonight. I've been having a few extremely hectic weeks, and unfortunately there are more to come. So pardon the lack of posts in Beauty Eater. I have some time to squeeze in a tiny post about RED NAILS. It's my go-to color whenever I have a formal event/dinner. It's a feminine and an empowering color that gives you the slight nudge of confidence. I'm wearing Essie's "Lacquered Up".

Some other suggestions:
1) OPI's Big Apple Red
2) Tom Ford's Carnal Red
3) Butter London's Come to Bed Red
4) Clinique's Red Red Red


Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm a person that tends to lean towards soft and pastel nail polish colors. Because of that, I bought China Glaze's "Fast Track" (from the Hunger Games collection) and I've been in love with it. It's a champagne/slight beige sparkly nail polish that looks even better with a top coat; I use Seche Vite's Top coat. It has a nail strengthening factor that comes with the bottle, so another plus. Bear with me, my nails are in horrible shape. They are currently weak so I had to cut them short in order to stop myself from touching them.

This time, I decided to break the combo with Skin Food's "Green Bean Milk" turquoise nail polish, topped with Sephora by OPI's "Just'a Pinch of Glitter", and another nail that's just coated with Sephora's Just'a Pinch of Glitter.
Skin Food is a Korean cosmetic shop that sells an ecletic range of colors in different textures: creamy, rouge, and clear. Their colors range from baby soft to matte pastels to pop colors, and they are all pigmented very well.

I never go anywhere without having colors on my nails :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Review] Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

I finally had the chance to purchase a moisturizer this week, and I went out of the department store with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. It is suited for dry to normal skin. So far, I've been pleased with the texture of this moisturizer. Though it's a bit thicker, in density, compared to the bottled version of the same product line, I don't feel like my pores are clogged up and oily due to the creaminess. Its claim of being a 24-hour hydrator has been true so far. I put on this cream in the morning and at night, before I go to sleep, and my face doesn't feel dehydrated and crinkly. Another thing to point out, I noticed that my skin tone has a healthier glow after I put on this cream. 
The glycoprotein, one of the main ingredients in this product, helps with the extreme dehydration, suitable for the present hot summer weather. Not only for the hot weather, the glycoprotein also protects the face from the winter winds that freezes our skin's pores and dehydrates it. Another essential ingredient is the "Squalane", a botanical lipid that restores the face's moisture due to its insipid and effective nature. 
I feel comfortable with my brand new skin and so far, I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

Clarity [Mood Board]

It's a Monday night and I just had to share these images of some of the amazing and immaculate skin these models have. They are probably a tad bit airbrushed, but who cares? It's close to what they actually have, and I'm jealous. This got me thinking of some saying that I've read before in a beauty article: it goes a bit like this, "the skin you have in your 20s is simply youth, the skin in your 30s is the skin you have been taking care of, and the skin in your 40s is the skin you truly deserve." Cheesy but it has some truth to it. Maybe, we should stop being lethargic and start becoming efficient in our daily skin regime, even at a young age. With reality and its increasing competition in the career and education realm, stress and exhaustion had cunningly stolen our skin's youth. Wrinkles, dark spots, under-eye dark circles, dullness, and many more queuing to be listed. It's summer, enjoy it while it lasts (3 more weeks for me). Drink that min. requirement of 1.5 liter water each day, soak in some sunny vitamin D, restore moisture on your face through face mask, and relax.